About Us

Ambika Cotton Mills Limited (ACML) based out of Coimbatore in Southern India, is engaged in the manufacture of premium quality Compact and Elitwist cotton yarn for hosiery and weaving. We are an established player in the international and domestic yarn market with exports constituting roughly sixty percent of its revenues.

The company was incorporated in 1988 and its 5 manufacturing units are situated in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu with a total spindle capacity of 1,08,288 of compact spinning, and knitting.

Ambika Cotton Mills has the unique distinction of being the number one in the shirting segment and is the preferred client of all top quality shirt manufacturers around the world. We hold a very niche segment in the industry, thanks to our impeccable track record of product quality and delivery fulfillment. We take pride in our zero complaints with clients, shippers and raw material suppliers.

We take our going-green commitment very seriously, and have installed clean wind power for 100% of our power requirement (27.4 MW). We have 100% governmental and legal compliance record.