Notice to shareholders with unclaimed dividend 7Y

List of shareholders not claimed dividend during last 7 years (2013-2019) and whose shares are liable to be transferred by the company to IEPF authority

Folio/Demat ID Name Valid Share
1 000319 Sanju Verma 100
2 001388 Ratnasamy R 100
3 002334 Chandran 10
4 002376 R Ramaseshan 10
5 002435 Kannamal 10
6 002842 R. Palanisamy 200
7 1301670000084802 Balkrishna Mohanbhai Prajapati 50
8 IN30039413217823 K V Ramasubramanian 100
9 IN30051314613022 C Jagadeesan 1
10 IN30220110939655 Bablu Mondal 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Intimation of Transfer of your Shares to IEPF

This notice is pursuant to the provisions of Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer And Refunds) Rules, 2016 and amendments   made thereto (referred as “IEPF Rules”). The  IEPF Rules contain Provisions for transfer of all shares in respect of which dividend has not been paid or claimed by the shareholders for seven consecutive years or more to Investor Education and Protection Fund ( IEPF) Authority.

Further in terms of IEPF Rules, the statement containing the details of name, folio number, demat account number and number of shares due for transfer is made available on our website for your information and necessary action.

We note from our records that you   have   not   claimed   the   dividends for the last seven years starting from 2012-13 onwards in respect of the Equity Shares held by you.

Hence you are advised to make   your claim for the unclaimed dividends in respect of the Equity Shares held by you,  by writing to our Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, M/s. S.K.D.C.Consultants Limited, Kanapathy Towers, 3rd Floor, 1391/A-1, Sathy Road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore – 641006, (Email: immediately. Phone: +91 422 4958995 / 2539835-836 | Fax: +91 422 2539837. The claim will be processed as per the norms. As per SEBI circular dated 20.04.2018, if you hold shares in physical mode, you must provide your bank account number, along with original cancelled cheque with your name printed on it or attested copy of bank pass book signed by the manager of the bank, to enable the company make payment of unclaimed dividend to your bank account. For shares held in demat mode, kindly update the bank details with your DP. Please note that in case there is no claim for the unpaid dividends from you within three months from the date of this notice, the Company will proceed to transfer the shares as per the procedure notified by IEPF authority. Once the shares are transferred to IEPF authority, original share certificate(s) which are registered in your name will stand automatically cancelled and be deemed non-negotiable. You may further note that the details uploaded by the Company on its website should be regarded and shall be deemed adequate notice for the purpose of transfer of shares to IEPF Authority pursuant to the Rules.

Subsequent to such transfer of shares to “IEPF Authority”, all future benefits which may accrue, on these shares, including future dividend, will be credited to the said IEPF Authority only.

In terms of Rule 7 of the said Rules, any person whose shares and unclaimed dividends have been transferred to the authority, may claim the shares and unclaimed dividends from the authority by submitting an application in Form IEPF-5 and follow the prescribed procedure.

Yours faithfully,

For Ambika Cotton Mills Limited

Chairman and Managing Director
(DIN: 00628479)

PS:  In case your dividend amount(s) are remaining unpaid and you have already lodged the documents for claiming or already encashed the dividend, you may kindly ignore this letter

Published on 04.08.2020 on Dinamani
Published on 04.08.2020 on Dinamani